Media Literacy

Training course for youth workers on Media and Internet Literacy

26-31 March 2017, Riga, Latvia

The aim of the training course was to develop media literacy and Internet competences of youth workers, i.e. provide them skills necessary for effective use of mass media and Internet in their work on combating intolerance and stereotyping and on promotion tolerance.

Objectives of the course

  • to develop participants’ understanding of work of mass media and Internet and importance of media literacy;
  • to develop ability of participants to recognize intolerance, stereotyping, manipulation, lies and to create and distribute media messages;
  • to enable participants to use received skills to promote tolerance, combat prejudices and intolerance in the Internet and to prevent the radicalization of young people views

The main themes of the course were media literacy, manipulation and stereotyping in mass media; development of critical thinking; creation of media texts; Internet tools, promotion of tolerance and combating hatred and stereotypes.

After the training course participants are able:

  • to understand how mass media works, its functions, methods and impact, to classify and structure information from mass media
  • to protect themselves from purposeful manipulation;
  • to better comprehend and analyze information from Internet and mass media;
  • to recognize bias, spin, misinformation, lies, stereotyping and fakes of images in mass media and the Internet;
  • to evaluate media messages based on our own experiences, skills, beliefs, and values;
  • to counteract the spreading and distribution of influencing articles and posts inciting hatred and intolerance in social media;
  • to create and distribute own media messages;
  • to effectively use the Internet tools in youth work
Media texts and video clips created by participants
Training manual