2015 year project “Promotion of gender equality”

Despite of positive changes and improvement in status of women, gender gaps still persist in many areas. Gender gaps remain in the labour market; women are still over-represented in lower paid sectors. Women are underrepresented in decision-making positions, particularly in politics and business. Gender stereotyping presents a serious obstacle to the achievement of gender equality. Violence against women remains widespread in many countries.

The foreseen actions aim to make contribution to promotion of gender equality by conducting awareness-raising and training activities on gender equality education, breaking gender stereotypes and combating violence against women.

In order to reach the aim is planned to implement various activities:

  • Preparation of manual on gender equality education. The manual will contain basic information about gender equality, terms, main issues (gender stereotypes, violence against women, equal female and male participation in political and public decision-making, gender pay gap, etc.); resources and links on gender equality, information of international organizations engaged (Council of Europe, EU, UN); main documents (for instance, Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017 Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence); statistics, game and practical exercises.

Gender Education RUS

Gender Education UKR

Gender Education ARM

  • Regional training seminars on gender equality education for youth workers and volunteers.
  • Information campaign through Internet on promotion of gender equality and breaking stereotypes
  • Local activities in NGOs and schools

Countries covered: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia.

The activities are supported by European Youth Foundation.

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