Training course “Youth work: New approaches – New Opportunities”

16-22 April 2013, Riga, Latvia

The project aimed to develop youth work on intercultural learning and social inclusion by raising competences of youth workers in using modern non-formal education tools and recourses including e-learning and social networks. Representatives of 27 non-governmental organizations, youth workers and activists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Finland, Armenia and Romania have taken part in the training course.

During training course participants obtained practical skills and knowledge in the areas of: Intercultural learning and inclusion concepts and their relevance to youth work; project management; European resources for youth work including European Youth Foundation; various tools of the Internet for the purposes of youth work; social networks in field of youth work and how to use in practice; safety measures in the Internet and ability to protect information online; ethical principles in Internet and ability to identify cases of safety and ethics violation.

During practical work participants in video, poster, research, photo, Internet and journalist groups, participants developed corresponding skills and prepared tangible outputs: series of posters,  series of photos, video, articles, research, web site of the project, page and group on Facebook

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