Training Course for Leaders of Minority Youth Organizations on Human Rights Education and Intercultural Learning

11 – 17 October 2004, Jelgava, Latvia

About thirty youth leaders and activists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan participated in the training course. The main themes of the meeting were human rights education, intercultural learning and minority youth work.

The aims of the activity were as follows:

  • To train the participants in methods of Human Rights education and intercultural learning;
  • to develop access to educational tools in Human Rights education and intercultural learning;
  • to enable youth leaders act as multipliers

The programme of the training course included different elements like: lectures and workshops devoted to Human Rights and Human Rights Education; lectures about Council of Europe and European Union; workshops “Intercultural learning”, “Project management”, “PR in non-governmental sector”, etc.; exchange of experience, discussions and presentations of organizations and countries; games from “Compass” and “Education Pack”; tests, intercultural evenings, visits; discussion of future plans.

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Training course “Human Rights Education and Development of Minority Youth Projects”

8 – 13 April 2004, Jurmala, Latvia

Representatives of minority youth organizations from Latvia, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania took part in the activity. During six days young people learned and discussed human rights, human rights education, leadership questions, project management, intercultural learning and other questions.

The main aims of the project were:

  • To empower minority leaders actively develop projects and activities on human rights education and social cohesion;
  • To train the participants in methods of human rights education and to develop access to educational tools in human rights education;
  • To train the participants on organisational development and management of minority youth activities;
  • To discuss future plans and perspectives of common work.

The programme of the training course included: exchange of experience of participants; lecture and workshop on human rights and human rights education; workshop “Leadership”; workshop “Team building”; workshop “Project management”; lecture and workshop “Intercultural learning”; workshop “Time management”; games. The games from “Compass” as well other simulation games dedicated to human rights education and intercultural learning were used during the programme of the training course; discussion of future plans; cultural and recreation programme: evening parties, visit to Riga, etc.

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