Seminar for youth leaders and workers “Promotion of Minority/Majority Dialogue by Non-formal Education Tools”

10-16 November 2008, Riga, Latvia

Aims of the seminar:

  • to provide participants information and skills on non-formal education in youth work and improvement of intercultural dialogue;
  • to show the role and importance of Human Rights Education and Intercultural learning in non-formal education and improvement of intercultural
  • to exchange good practice of Human Rights Education and Intercultural learning in strengthening of intercultural dialogue;
  • to exchange good practice and experience of participants in running of minority/majority co-operation projects;
  • to discuss realities of minority/majority relations in Europe;
  • to discuss activities of international NGOs in the field of improvement of intercultural dialogue and promotion of tolerance and cultural diversity

About 30 young NGOs actors from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Armenia and Georgia have participated in the seminar. The seminar was devoted to non-formal education, Human Rights education, Intercultural Learning, situation with minorities, etc.

The project was supported by European Youth Foundation.

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