Building tolerance and intercultural dialogue among young people

Racism, xenophobia, intolerance, anti-Semitism exist and display in different ways: mutual recriminations and insults; discrimination actions against certain ethnic groups, migrants, refugees; appeals to violence, anti-Semitic, anti-Roma and other racist statements, hatred in Internet, racial discrimination, racist speeches, etc. All these occurrences base on persisted negative stereotypes, traditional or new, but equally harmful and dangerous. Young people are most subject to influence of such stereotypes.Young people need tolerance education and awareness-raising activities on promotion of intercultural dialogue, non-discrimination attitudes, involvement and participation. Specialists working with young people needs skill training and education in anti-racist education, intercultural learning and diversity training programs.

Aim of the project

The aim was to combat racism and foster tolerance of young people by fighting stereotypes and prejudices, training specialists working with youth and education of young people.

Activities of the project

  • Informational materials. Booklet “Attention: Discrimination” and manual for youth workers and teachers “Tolerance. Cultural diversity. Multiculturalism.” were prepared, published and disseminated in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia.
  • Training seminars for specialists working with young people
  • Local activities in NGOs and schools
  • Information campaign thought Internet. Competition “Animate quotation!”.

Scope of the project

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia.

The project was supported by European Youth Foundation.


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