Activity and Organisational Development Training for Minority Youth Leaders Around The Baltic Sea Region

12 – 18 November 2001, Riga, Latvia

Young people from Latvia, Estonia, Germany and Lithuania participated in this activity. The training was devoted to youth work in minority context as well as to human rights and rights of minorities. The training consisted of lectures, workshops, discussions and visits.

The main aims of the training were as follows:

  • To train minority youth leaders on basic organisational development and management of minority youth activities;
  • To empower and motivate minority youth leaders in their work through the acquisition of additional skills;
  • To exchange experience and realities of individual minority groups;
  • To raise the profile of minority youth work at local and regional levels.

Results of the project:

  • Minority youth leaders, representatives of non-governmental organization from Latvia, Germany, Estonia and Lithuania were trained in methods of youth work.
  • They get useful information and knowledge about Human Rights, intercultural learning, and voluntary work.
  • Participants have improved their professional and leader skills.
  • Participants were empowered to actively work in their organizations.
  • They made new contacts, exchanged experience and ideas, worked out future common projects.
  • Participants discussed perspectives of development of the Network and priorities of its activity.