Training course for minority youth leaders “Minority Youth Participation in Public Life and Democratic Processes”

15 – 21 August 2005, Riga, Latvia

Representatives of non-governmental organizations participated in the course came from seven countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and thirteen cities: Riga, Balvi, Olaine, Klaipeda, Narva, Minsk, Gomel, Novopolotsk, Petrozavodsk, Arhangelsk, Rivno, Makeevka and Yerevan. During the course participants exchanged experience and discussed questions connected with civil society and its development in different countries, democracy and democratic processes, human rights and human rights education.

The main aims of the project:

  • to encourage minority young leaders living in Eastern European countries actively participate in public life and democratic processes;
  • to raise level of awareness of minority youth leaders of Human Rights and democracy to empower participants;
  • to develop projects on Human Rights.

Participants were trained in team building, writing of project proposals, fundraising, project management and PR. Practical part of the activity consisted exercises on creation of NGO, preparation and submission of project proposal to the foundation, election to a Board of umbrella organization, presentation of the projects, etc.

Besides the programme of the training course has included cultural and recreation activities.