Work plan “Development of minority youth work and access to rights”

Aim and objectives

The work plan aimed to contribute to sustainable development of youth work and improving access to rights of youth from underrepresented groups or with fewer opportunities: ethnic minorities, migrants, youth from distant regions and rural areas, young woman, etc.

The objectives of the work plan were:

  • to prepare youth workers and provide them necessary skills and competences

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    in the areas of youth work, youth information, human rights education, project development and to motivate and enable them to act as multipliers;

  • to improve access to youth information, i.e. to provide youth workers and NGOs with necessary documents, materials and information using Council of Europe sources, other sources as well as materials elaborated by the European Minority Youth Network;
  • to organize local awareness-raising activities and inter alia to create local information and resources centres for youth (“Youth Information Points”) in order to provide information, training, education and other support for youth NGOs, youth workers and young people, especially from underrepresented groups or with fewer opportunities: youth from distant provincial regions, ethnic minorities, migrants, woman, youth from province;
  • to add European dimension and values to local youth work.

The work plan foresaw implementation of activities both on international and regional/local levels:

  • 1st step. International seminar for youth workers.
  • 2nd step. Regional seminars conducted by participants of the international seminar with support of the work team.
  • 3rd step. Implementation of local awareness-raising activities, creation, and development of local “Youth information points”.
  • 4th step. Evaluation seminar, summarizing of experience, dissemination of outcomes and discussion of future plans.

The work plan was supported by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Work plan’s report