Training Course “Role of Youth Work in Social Inclusion of Minority Young People”

Riga, Latvia 26 July – 02 August 2011

The aim of the project was to promote social inclusion of minority youth by means of training of youth workers on inclusion and participation of young people. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, youth workers, activists and volunteers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Poland, UK and Germany have taken part in the training course.

During the training course participants:

  • received a broad picture of minorities in Europe.They have designated the issues of minorities in Europe from participants’ personal and professional realities. Young people discussed issues of immigrants, refugees, language issues, definition of “national minority”, exchanged experience about minorities in their countries;
  • received a lot of practical information and skills about ways and effective methods of inclusion of such young people and fostering of their participation through sport activities, multimedia, street art and music events and theatre;
  • discussed principles of youth work; competences and responsibilities of youth worker; typical youth activities; realities of youth work in participants’ countries; strong and weak sides of youth work, perspectives and opportunities of youth work for participants; youth work in multicultural environments;

After the training course, participants are very motivated and enabled to use received knowledge and experience, to contribute to activity of their organizations and act as multipliers, to work with young people with fewer opportunities.

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Training course “Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in Youth Work and School Curriculum”

03 – 09 March 2011, Riga, Latvia

The main aim of the training course was to develop capacity of youth NGOs and schools to promote Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights and to extend competencies of youth workers and teachers in Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights. Specialists working with young people in a professional capacity on a paid or voluntary basis (youth workers, volunteers, teachers), from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Georgia and Poland have taken part in the training course.

Participants raised their competence in Education for Democratic Citizenship, learned about it aims, methods and different aspects; discussed how promote democratic citizenship thought youth work and school curriculum.

Participants improved their knowledge of Human Rights education. Young people received broad picture of activity of Council of Europe in the field of Human Rights.

During skills workshops participants got knowledge how to create information and promotion materials for promotion of necessary information and values to their target groups; learned about interactive form of theatre “Forum theatre”.

The project was supported by European Youth Foundation.

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